Food Beauty with Ron Remke

Changing the M&M color!

Ron Remke: computer genius

Fat Kid Cookies ready for their close up

Charlie being helpful

Nom-y cookies

Ron checking...stuff

gorgeous Whipping Cream Pound Cake!

Ron in action!

I can haz head scratch?

Hi y’all!

I am not a food photographer.
I am not a good photographer.
I know what a camera looks like…that’s about it.

So why would I think I could take decent photos of my baked tastiness?
After giving it a ‘shot’ (get it?) it took me about 2.2 seconds to realize that I needed professional help. Enter Ron Remke.

This adorably sweet guy came to my rescue! It’s amazing what great lighting, duct tape, and a guy who knows what’s up can do. In 1 hour he got 2 beautiful photos and retouched the crap out of them. Really. The guy is a ninja with a computer. It’s silly for me to be so excited about this but…he turned one of the M&M’s from green to red! MAGIC! I love that stuff!

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy the photos then head over to the ‘Orders’ page and show Dollop of Dixie some love.