Donna Bell’s Bakery: Strawberry Shortcake Review

Strawberry Shortcake

Although we here at A Dollop of Dixie feel like our goodies are pretty damn good, we’re an equal opportunity sugar lover. Also, there are only so many things I’m going to video myself baking so…I figured it’s time to diversify this bloggie thingie.

While doing research for Dollop of Dixie, I naturally wanted to check out all the other ‘Southern style’ bakeries in the city and Donna Bell’s Bake Shop was the first I came across.
It seemed pretty legit- there’s even some Alabama roots in there!- but I was skeptical…

Last night was one of my favorite people’s b-days. We all gathered to celebrate in midtown with cocktails and, naturally, BIRTHDAY CAKE! This was no typical birthday cake, however. No thick, punch-you-in-the-teeth sweet frosting and certainly no cuppie cakes. This was a light, not too sweet, spongy, and delightful Strawberry Shortcake from Donna Bell’s. As you can see in the pictures, it’s not totally covered in light whipped cream-like frosting, which adds a nice rustic appeal. And it went FAST! We even tried to divvy out teeny little slices and…nope…these fatties needed seconds.

So…i gueeeeeeess if you’re not going to get a perfect Caramel Cake or 1,2,3,4 Cake from DoD…we’d be in full support of you hitting up Donna Bell’s. Tell ‘em we sent you.


OH! And click on the link below. ‘SHONDO!’ is Julius’ ‘Money Dance’…it’s kinda brilliant.