Food Beauty with Ron Remke

Changing the M&M color!

Ron Remke: computer genius

Fat Kid Cookies ready for their close up

Charlie being helpful

Nom-y cookies

Ron checking...stuff

gorgeous Whipping Cream Pound Cake!

Ron in action!

I can haz head scratch?

Hi y’all!

I am not a food photographer.
I am not a good photographer.
I know what a camera looks like…that’s about it.

So why would I think I could take decent photos of my baked tastiness?
After giving it a ‘shot’ (get it?) it took me about 2.2 seconds to realize that I needed professional help. Enter Ron Remke.

This adorably sweet guy came to my rescue! It’s amazing what great lighting, duct tape, and a guy who knows what’s up can do. In 1 hour he got 2 beautiful photos and retouched the crap out of them. Really. The guy is a ninja with a computer. It’s silly for me to be so excited about this but…he turned one of the M&M’s from green to red! MAGIC! I love that stuff!

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy the photos then head over to the ‘Orders’ page and show Dollop of Dixie some love.

Rhapsody in Cheese: My Cheesy Experiment Take 2

Hello Dear-hearts!

I’ve been one busy little beaver lately and it’s been TOUGH finding time to bake much less post.


The Cheese Straws worked!

My childhood bff, Dawn, is like…miss improv comedy 2012 and does lights, etc. for an improv show called FUN! on Monday nights in Long Island City. She asked me last week if I could bring some fun sized baked goods and naturally I said ‘Yes!’ and I used the opportunity to try out Miss Sally Stockton’s Cheese Straws.

Sally is a friend of my mom’s and apparently makes cheese straws once a week. After my first attempt at these went ‘THUD’ I was looking for a tried-and-true recipe and Sally was kind enough to send me hers. Lemme tell ya…it’s an expensive recipe to screw up and I was nervous, but these turned out PERFECT! They’re cheesy, crunchy on the bottom, slightly soft throughout, and have a little kick from the cayenne at the end.

Also, the recipe makes a ton, which is good cause the improv show attendees gobbled ‘em up like crazy.

Pretty much the whole recipe and tips are on the short video below. ENJOY!

A Sensible Thanksgiving Tiramisu

Way-yull (‘well’),

Oh Boy! After missing the past 4 family Thanksgivings I finally got to head to Birmingham to enjoy some mad tasty fried turkey and dressing. The food wasn’t the only thing to be excited about- the making of the food was bound to be totally entertaining, too.

Mom (Mama Wynn) usually contributes a dessert to the festivities and it’s always somethin’…non-traditional. There’s been chocolate ganache cake (crazy tasty but different), some lemon lady finger thingie with raspberry coulis (crazy tasty but different) and a whole bunch of other ‘tasty-but-different’ stuff. This year she decided to bust out the old trusty ‘Barefoot Contessa’ cookbook and get all Italian on us: she decided to make a tiramisu.

You: ‘But Laura…y’all are FAR from Italian. Where’s the pumpkin pie? Apple pie? How can you be so unAmerican on Thanksgiving?’
Me: ‘Easily. Now hush up and eat.’

Here’s the recipe:

6 extra large egg yolks, at room temp
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup dark rum (but we used Kahlua…ommmmmmmmmmnomnom), Divided
1 1/2 cups brewed espresso, Divided
16-17 oz mascarpone cheese
about 30 ladyfingers (any kind will do but Mom got the ‘naaaaahce’ (nice) ones)
a bar of dark chocolate (to shave on top before serving)

-put half the kahlua and espresso in a bowl and set aside
-put the other half in…somethin else and set aside

-in a mixer, combine the egg yolks and sugar. Beat on high for about 5 mins.
-when the mixture is thick and pale yellow, lower the speed on the mixer and add half the espresso and kahlua (or rum)
-add the mascarpone
-turn off mixer and scrape down sides of the bowl

-dip ladyfingers individually in dish of espresso and kahlua and place in a 9′x13′x2′ dish til the bottom is covered
-cover that layer with 1/2 of the mascarpone mixture
-repeat the ladyfinger dip-age layer then top with remaining mascarpone
-cover and refrigerate overnight

-before serving shave the dark chocolate over the top and VOILA!

-this is foolproof just…ya know…follow the recipe.

Copy and paste the link below for a little video of the silliness that happens with Mom in the kitchen and the silliness that happens at our family’s Thanksgiving. ENJOY!