(World’s Best) Chocolate Pie

I don’t like to brag but…

I seriously make the world’s best chocolate pie.

It was my grandmother Alma’s recipe and…girl knew what was UP! I’ve had men profess love over this pie. It’s that damn good.

My dear friend, Taylor, requested a chocolate pie so I invited him, Dawn, Jeff, and Daniel over late one night for some pie making shenanigans. But what’s a pie making party without booze? As you’ll see in the video…we got a little schnookered. So much so that I couldn’t make the video without having to put a drinking game in there, too. Watch and see! (There’s also a part of the video where the audio and image aren’t in synch. Don’t worry…it doesn’t last too long)

Food Beauty with Ron Remke

Changing the M&M color!

Ron Remke: computer genius

Fat Kid Cookies ready for their close up

Charlie being helpful

Nom-y cookies

Ron checking...stuff

gorgeous Whipping Cream Pound Cake!

Ron in action!

I can haz head scratch?

Hi y’all!

I am not a food photographer.
I am not a good photographer.
I know what a camera looks like…that’s about it.

So why would I think I could take decent photos of my baked tastiness?
After giving it a ‘shot’ (get it?) it took me about 2.2 seconds to realize that I needed professional help. Enter Ron Remke.

This adorably sweet guy came to my rescue! It’s amazing what great lighting, duct tape, and a guy who knows what’s up can do. In 1 hour he got 2 beautiful photos and retouched the crap out of them. Really. The guy is a ninja with a computer. It’s silly for me to be so excited about this but…he turned one of the M&M’s from green to red! MAGIC! I love that stuff!

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy the photos then head over to the ‘Orders’ page and show Dollop of Dixie some love.